1:22,5 G-scale, (45mm track), live steam „reconstruction“ of the
Kitson Meyer Type5 with additional rackzylinders 0+8+6+0 for the Transandine Railways, Chile/Argentinia
Books with focus on Kitson Meyer:
Kitson Meyer Articulated Locomotives
   R. Donald Binns
Beyer Peacock locomotive builders to the world
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Railways of the Andes
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Articulated Locomotives
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Books with focus on livesteam :
Handbuch Modelldampfmaschinen -german-
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Manual of Model Steam Locomotive Construction
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Books with focus on steam locomotive basics:
Anatomie der Dampflokomotive International -german-2. Auflage
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"Revisiting the Transandine Railway"

extraservice for scratch builders :

"download pictures and 1 drawing of the Austrian narrow gauge YBBSTALBAHN snowplough"